Saturday, January 10, 2009

Things I learned in 2008

  • A lot can happen in one year.
  • If you’re tired and it’s the night before you graduate from college, don’t try to watch Finding Nemo with friends who flew across the country the day before. No one will stay awake.
  • Graduation day is a blast.
  • The government ought to consider May graduates in black robes as an alternative energy source. They generate a LOT of heat.
  • It’s important to graduate with the people who matter to you, even if you have to quickly pull them into line with you as you’re walking forward to “Pomp and Circumstance.”
  • People from high school that you never talked to are actually pretty cool to hang out with. 20-somethings seem to have a lot more in common than teenagers do.
  • Few things scream "trying too hard" more than a male wearing a scarf as a fashion accessory. If you're in extreme weather and in danger of your neck freezing, go for it. If you're in Newport Beach, give it up.
  • It’s impossible for me to watch a Woody Allen movie without stuttering and talking in quips for an hour after it’s done.
  • Apparently, as a teacher, I am the “nicest sadist ever.” It was one of the nicest things a student has ever said to me.
  • People are often absolutely and unequivocally stupid.
  • Chris Tomlin needs to stop. NOW.
  • Politics stinketh.
  • First dates can be terrifying, but, man, are they worth it.
  • I can go a whole week without eating chocolate if I really want to. I didn’t say it was a fun week, but it was possible.
  • Bob Dylan throws away songs that are better than the best stuff most people could ever come up with.
  • At the end of the day, knowing what newspapers you read goes a long way.
  • There really is such a thing as a perfect gift.
  • It’s entirely possible to still be talking about a onetime ride in a Porsche Carrera a year later.
  • It's also still possible for me to find a film that's worth seeing more than once. I will never forget watching There Will Be Blood for the second time with a first-timer. Priceless. On the other hand, I'll never forget seeing There Will Be Blood for the first time myself.
  • True friends can be counted on one hand. Sometimes two hands, but usually one.
  • Sometimes, the people who care are the most unlikely candidates.
  • It can be truly remarkable how many people are there for you when you need them.
  • Hospitals are not fun places to have to visit. They should be avoided if possible.
  • Jury duty sucks, particularly when you know you don’t have a valid reason to tell the judge you can’t serve.
  • Pixar isn't infallible. Just look at their last public service announcement . . . er . . . film.
  • Although I'm not a wine aficionado, Radiohead shows are what fine wine must be like. They just get better and better.
  • Being nominated for an award and then losing sucks. Yeah, I may have said that it was an honor just to be nominated . . . but inside, yeah, I really did resent not winning.
  • Some people look at me like I'm weird because I care so much about the movies. If they've never felt so passionately about something themselves, then I pity them.
  • Text messages are the bane of modern man's existence. When did it become appropriate to be rude to the people that you're with just to make sure that you answer someone who's not even there? Can't it wait?
  • Cell phones should be checked at the door of a movie theater.
  • Movie theaters should have bouncers to remove people who talk loudly. I paid $10. Come on, how hard is it to sit down and shut up?
  • Clint Eastwood is the kind of guy that other guys wish they could be.
  • Some people just need to chill out.
  • If I ever become famous, I hope to be as cool as Richard Sherman. That is one classy guy.
  • When you have a reputation for being the "faithful" intern, it doesn't always mean that you get to have fun. Sometimes, you get stuck having to be a doorman on the one night that you set out to enjoy yourself and actually invited guests.
  • Heath Ledger, despite my initial reservations, was the perfect choice to play the Joker.
  • Otis Redding had more soul in his little finger than Beyonce has in her entire body.
  • It is entirely possible to finish a year having accomplished much but still feel like you're at square one.
Here's to 2009. Let's hope it's a good one.

Peace, Love, and Understanding,

Friday, January 09, 2009


The Lock

Stories get bigger in the re-telling
I told myself as I walked down
Boulevard at midnight whistling
In the air humming as it sang
With the sound of a thousand water drops
a-flying through the air, my mind buzzing

People get older
Hearts grow colder
I thought quietly as I stepped into
Main street in quiet night with stars
But no cars
In sight

My thoughts grew louder and
More insistent
And something else came to mind
That interrupted

“There’s a lock on a door
In a house my friend lives in
Sometimes when she’s not
And the lock is upside down
And backwards
Don’t know why
Didn’t ask
Should’ve maybe
But didn’t

The door full of tiny holes
Holes that would
Thrill a child
Who might place picked-up ants
To watch them wander on a door
But never go inside”

And as I walked away
With my quiet words
And my louder thoughts
I turn to talk to you

I cannot tell you how
many times I have felt
like that lock