Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's just too heavy for Superman to lift . . .

OK, so it's the grand old time of 1:10 AM as I post this. I have to work early tomorrow morning, I'm tired, and I should be in bed. Yet, despite this, I'm writing at my computer so that what I'm about to say will be broadcast into the cyberexpanse.

It is a very interesting time to be me right now. Academically, I'm really ready for the current semester to be over with. I have about had enough of one of my teachers. Seriously. Long term, I graduate in the Spring, and I have no idea what's supposed to or is going to happen in my life after that. Socially, I probably have more friends/pals/acquaintences than I've ever had, but things are still extremely interesting on that front. My family's been in the midst of some "stuff" too. It's not that anything's necessarily wrong, but it is our supreme wish and prayer that things STAY that way. I really can't go much more into it than that. At work, I'm still plugging along and enjoying myself, which is nice. I have reached a certain point at which I can relax a bit more than I used to. (I'm basically one of the managers just under the owners)

I think what gets to me most is the uncertainty. I would feel a lot better if I had some kind of clue as to how things are going to turn out. I know that that's not really possible, but that doesn't stop me from wanting it, you know? Part of me wants to go back to simpler times when all I had to worry about was whether or not the bookstore had the book I wanted, or if the computer was free for me to play my games on it and such. But, unfortunately, (or perhaps quite fortunately; the jury's still out) that's just not the way life works. I guess that that's a good thing, in the end. I know that we're supposed to treasure the journey, but I really want to know just where it is that I'm going to.

Thanks for listening.

Peace, Love, and Understanding,

P.S. I'm going to go see No Country For Old Men on Sunday. It's supposed to be great so I'll try to post a review here eventually.

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Jackie said...

When I was in graduate school I, too, had that overwhelming desire to be back in a simpler time: where I didn't have to be responsible for paying bills or making big decisions. It gets easier! I don't know what's changed, but that thought does go away (at least it did for me). Life just gets easier to manage the more you do it.

Just wanted to say I completely understand!!!